Today…. Let’s talk about it.

Subway.. Subway, subway, subway. Today was the busiest of days. I really feel like those customers were out to get me. Plus, Miss MNP, if you get it, visited me this morning, and she will be around for a few days. So that messed it up from the beginning. I get to work, and my manager is already talking about how she doesn’t feel good. And granted, I wouldn’t either if I had to deal with what she does. But still, I did not have time for it today. Its about 11:00 when the day crashes into a wall. Well, let’s just say, stupid coupons make stupid people. Everybody wanted more than 3 sandwiches and was using more than 2 coupons at a time. Wanna know why? Well, they expire today. And the desperates out there wanna save as much money as they can before the coupons go away. Then a co worker comes in after all of it. She starts acting like she is Captain Save-A-Shift. But we all know she is far from it. I’m not trying to be mean, I guess you would have to know her. I mean really know her. Then my girlfriend gets there, and she is in an okay mood, so I thought. I learned quickly she wasn’t. She was not having it today either. She had so much anger in her little body that she could literally spit fire if she wanted. But to top it off, the mirror on my already f*cked car, the driver side one, feel off. So there is that. I’m telling you, guys, its real out here. Living paycheck to paycheck sucks. Period. Anyways, the real reason I blogged today was because I feel weird today. Its like I cant explain it. I’m tired and I feel weak. Like if I stood for too long I would fall. Like faint, almost. I just hope I feel better soon. I hate being SICK. Well, that’s all for now. Continue to sit, relax, and read on. 👀


So, I know. I’m not starting back where I left off from, but my girlfriend… she is at work right now. And this couple just walked in, right? Well, they let her get all the way down there to take their order, looks her in the eyes for a good 45 seconds, and proceeds to tell her that they are just looking for now. Btw, she works at subway. Eat fresh, my bloggies.😂 anyways, I really dislike when customers are that rude to the people that are fixing the food for them. I mean, you could be a little nice. It wouldn’t hurt. Btw2, I work there also. You never really see stupid until you work in the food industry. Well, rant over. Ill be back soon. Stay Sweet😘


Hello. My name is Miranda. I am 22 years old. My life has been one hell of a roller coaster. Pardon my French. I know everyone has heard sad stories that are tear jerkers. That leave you crying and wondering “how could someone go through that?”, “I feel so bad for them”. Well, here is another one. No, but for real. My life hasn’t been the easiest. I have gone through a lot in my life. Its like you look back on your past and can’t believe that you went through all that and never gave up. Well, let’s go back to the very beginning. When I was born, I was born with beta-strep meningitis. I literally died when I was a baby, but the doctor and the good Lord above helped me to stay alive. I was in the hospital for 28 days after I was born. But I lived. The light didn’t get me. So, since I lived, I got to experience a whole load of BS through my years. From my father coming in and out of my life, from watching my mom basically work herself to death to take care of us. I mean, I’m five and in kindagarden, and I see my mom for maybe an hour or so before she has to go to work. It was like that for years. Bed time was 6:30. Every night. My father was always getting my siblings’ and my hopes up. Saying he will be here this weekend, and we will sit outside for hours waiting. And he will never show. So my mom would come get us, and bring us in. Tell us he had to work or something came up. Always making sure we didn’t think down on him or hate him. Which I give her props for. Because , honestly, I couldn’t do it. So imma stop her for now. I know, I know. What happens next, you say? Well, sit, relax, and just wait to read on.

Remember, you are perfectly, imperfect. 🖤